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Ali’i  fishpond also known as One Ali’i fishpond is located at One Ali’i Park off Highway 450 in the town of Kaunakaki (around 20 minutes from the airport).

This pond is one of may fishponds created by the ancient hawaiians to raise and hold fish. The fish were usually supplied only to the ancient royal hawaiians.
It is open 24hrs. Admission and car parking is free.
The best way to get there is by car.

ONE ALI'i FISHPOND One Ali’i Fishpond[/caption]

You could spend anything from 30 minutes to 1 hour there and is recommended for all ages.


Ualapu’e fishpond is located on Molokai’s east end. Go along Highway 450E to mile marker 15.
This fishpond also known as a ‘loko kupa’ which means a saltwater pond that has been walled in. The fish that were contained in it were meant to supply royalty.
In 1906 Ualapu’e fishpond was hit by a tidal wave and has suffered from years of neglect. Today, when you visit, you will probably come across local fishermen.
It is open 24hrs. Admission and car parking is free.

uALAPU'E FISHPOND Ualapu’e Fishpond[/caption]

The best way to get there is by car.
You could spend anything from 30 minutes to 1 hour there and is recommended for all ages.


Kaloko’eli fishpond is located along Highway 450 (6 miles east of Kaunakakai).
This fishpond uses gates called ‘makaha’. These gates allow small fish and seawater in and keep large predators out of the pond.  After awhile, the small fish become too large to swim through the gates narrow opening and are trapped.
It is open 24hrs. Admission and car parking is free.
The best way to get there is by car.
The average visit time is 30 minutes to 1 hour, unless you decide to bring along a picnic lunch.

Kaloko'eli fishpond Kaloko’eli Fishpond[/caption]


Telephone: 808 558 8931 or 808 508 8934
Keawa Nui is a commercial operation which has a total of 16 half acre circular ponds. The farm is SPF certified (Specifice Pathogen Free) and P. Vannamei white shrimp is their main product.
They are currently implementing a polyculture technique where oysters, clams and shrimp can be grown together. The facility also sustains local fish such as moi, awa and mullet. As a byproduct of used water, they also sustain tilapia, ogo and samoan crab.
Keawa Nui offer the following tours and activities –
Tour of hatcheries
Feeding fish and shrimp

Keawanui fishpond molokai Keawanui Fishpond[/caption]

Feeding horses, sheep, cows, geese, chickens and pigs
Horseback riding
Net fishing
To organise a tour or activity go to the website and complete the form in ‘contacts’.


Keomuku Beach has 2 of the 4 ancient fishponds located on Lanai. To get there take Keomuku Road (Route 430) 6 miles (9.7km) along black sand beach ( a 4wd is strongly recommended) until you get to the ‘ghost town’ of Keomuku.  Once a sugar plantation and cattle/sheep ranch Keomuku has been left abandoned except for the restored wooden Malamalama Church.
The 2 ancient fishponds can only be seen clearly at low tide.
There are no tourist facilities or lifeguards available.

church at keomuku church at Keomuku[/caption]

Keomuku Beach is best for beachcombing, picnics, fishing, sunbaking and swimming when conditions are calm.
You will find Naha Beach on the east coast of Lanai.  Follow the road that goes along the eastern or Maui facing shore of Lanai.
Due to the road conditions it is strongly recommended using a 4wd vehicle to get there.
You can see the walls of the ancient fishponds at low and high tide.
The beach is mostly used by fishermen not swimmers as strong currents can make it dangerous. Local surfers will take their boards out when an east swell is on.
There are no facilities or lifeguards available.

naha-beach lanai Na Ha Beach Lanai[/caption]

On your return journey stop in at ‘Club Lana’i’ a ghost resort which has been closed for 20 years or the newly restored church.
Located at Lopa Beach, east Lanai just south of Kikoa Point. Take 4wd roads which branch off Keomuku Road.
This area has been designated as a bird sanctuary and is not recommended for swimming because of the strong ocean currents and rocky shallow ocean floor.
Recommended for fishing, sunbaking, walking and experienced surfers only.
You can see views of West Maui and Kahoolawe from here.

Lopa-Beach lanai Lopa Beach Lanai[/caption]

There are no facilities or lifeguards available.

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