Molokai & Lanai

Molokai is the fifth largest island in the Hawaiian chain, being a slender strip of land only 37 miles long and 10 miles wide. What it lacks in size it more than makes up for in the warmth of its people. Its nickname is ‘The Friendly Island’. Kaunakakai is the principal town on Molokai, and its main street consists of quaint, wooden false-front buildings that haven’t changed much since the 1930s. The land surrounding the town is mainly agricultural, and development throughout Molokai has been limited, with the result being a delightfully rural flavor. Kalawao on the isolated north coast was the home of Farther Damien De Veuster of Belgium, who arrived in the early 1870s to minister to the leper colony. A popular activity today is a hair raising mule ride down the steep, winding cliffs to the quaint town of Kalaupapa. Molokai is as close as you will get to an ancient Hawaiian island, around fifty percent of the population here is Hawaiian. A spectacular end of the road destination is Halawa Valley with Moa’ula and Hipuapua falls which can range from a light stream to a two hundred and fifty feet deafening waterfall.

On the dry west side of Molokai is Maunaloa, in the 1990’s the Molokai Ranch bulldozed the old plantation town and replace most of the buildings, but because of rising rent it is all but closed except for the Maunaloa General store and the nearby Big Wind Kite Factory and Plantation Gallery

Lanai is the sixth largest of the Hawaiian Islands, and lies eight miles west of Maui and seven miles south of Molokai. It’s a rocky seventeen mile long and thirteen mile wide island. Lanai is not what your travel agent would call ‘a resort island’ but it has a surprising number of hiking trails that are popular with those looking for a wilderness vacation. Lanai lsland is owned by billionaire Larry Ellison. The main and only town here is Lanai City, Hawaii’s only highland capital. The town square is surrounded by Norfolk lsland and Cook lsland Pines. This is where you will find most of the islands shops, restaurants and cafes. To the south of Lanai City lies Hulopo’e and Manale Bays and nearby Manele Harbor where ferries bring visitors from Lahaina (Maui). The only place in this area to get food or refreshments is the Four Seasons Resort at Manele Bay. If you are staying for two to three days on Lanai you will need to hire a car (a van or a Jeep wrangler). Make sure you check with the hire car company where you are permitted to drive. Heading north west along a dirt road will take you to the Garden of the Gods. Here you will be able to see four of the other Hawaiian lslands” There are over four hundred ancient and modem petroglyphs on the island of Lanai and most require a four wheel drive to see. lf you are into hiking or mountain bike riding, then you have to do the twelve mile Munro Trail. lf you are unable to walk that far then go and see stables at Koele to take an ATV ride along the Munro Trail

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Molokai Family

molokai 20 mile beach 2 molokai kites

Kids love the beach and the calm shallow waters of Twenty Mile Beach, it’s a great place to do some snorkeling or just have fun. Papohaku Beach is a white sand beach where the kids can build sandcastles until the wind picks up. Purdy’s Macadamia Nut Farm and Maunaloa’s Big Wind Kite Factory are some places you can go for free. If you are in Molokai between December and April you can take a whale watching cruise. Why not make a lei at Molokai Plumeria in Kaunakakai.

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Molokai Adventure

Couple riding along beach on Molokai Mule Ride tour at Kalaupapa National Historic Park Molokai Hawaii

Imagine kayaking alongside the world’s tallest sea cliffs on the Pali Coast or taking a mule ride down the same cliff to the former leper colony of Kalaupapa. Cycling along the scenic highways is a great way to get around or you could mountain bike ride along the forty miles of dirt roads and tracks. Stretch your legs at Hipuapua or Moo’ula Falls near the Halawa Valley. Take a boat charter to Pala’au’s Barrier Reef for some scuba diving or try your hand at deep sea fishing.

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Molokai Couples

molokai waterfall OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Watch the sunrise from behind the island of Maui while having an inexpensive round of golf at Ironwood Hills Golf Course and afterwards have a relaxing time shopping at Kaunakakai.

From Molokai or Ho’olehua airports take a fixed wing scenic flight to Kalaupapa on the way back stop in at the Kualapu’u Cookhouse for one of the best meals on Molokai. If you have already hired a 4WD then Waikolu Lookout which offers views of waterfalls and valley views all the way to the sea. The highlight for many people who visit Molokai is Hipuapua and Moa’ula waterfalls.

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Lanai Family

lanai shipwreck 2 lanai shipwreck

Renting a 4WD is a must if you want to get the best out of Lanai. With its crystal clear water and sandy bottom Shipwreck Beach is the perfect place for a swim or snorkel. Head off in your 4WD to Halepalaoa Beach and relax under the shade at this quiet beach. The last four miles along the Keomuku Road takes you to the wind swept end of the road at Naha to the ancient fishponds. Hulapo’e Beach is a popular spot for locals and visitors from Maui who are looking for the best shaded position under the palm trees. Get in your jeep and take a drive along the Polihua Road to the Garden of the Gods

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Lanai Adventure

lanai trail

When hiking the Koloki Ridge Trail you get a spectacular view of most of the island of Lanai. You can navigate the twelve mile Munro Trail by mountain bike, ATV, 4WD or by hiking. Have a round of golf at the Jack Nicklaus designed course at Manele. The challenging twelfth fairway cuts across the sea, bring some extra golf balls! If that’s not exciting enough for you try the stables at Keele Resort for a one and half hour or four hour horseback ride taking in the views over Maui. Manele Point is the place to go for those keen for a surf. Why not take a dive through the arches and into the 100 feet lava tube at Cathedrals.

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Lanai Couples

lanai sweet hearts rock Lanai-Sweetheart-rock 2

Lanai City is the only highland capital ‘city’ in the state of Hawaii and is centered around Dole Park. Here you will find great shopping and a wide range of restaurants. While in Lanai City it would be worthwhile seeing how life really was on the pineapple plantations back in the 1920’s. Near Manele Point in the cove of Pu’u Pehe you will find Sweethearts Rock, legend has it that a beautiful maiden name Pehe drowned in a storm, and, afterwards her lover leapt to his death. You could take a short early morning eight mile drive along the Keomuku Road claimed as the best drive on Lanai.

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